Chronological vs Whatever Floats Your Boat scrapping

Are you a chronological or Whatever Floats Your Boat scrapbooker? Since I jumped into the digital scrapbook world, 11 years ago, I have been a “whatever floats your boat” scrapbooker. What does that mean exactly? It means that I scrapbook what I feel like scrapbooking when I feel like scrapbooking it. I could be inspired by a kit that I buy or in the middle of winter, I decide that I am sick of snow and would really like to scrapbook some 9 year old beach photos. And, that’s TOTALLY FINE. There is no right or wrong method to scrapbooking. I’d like to simply share my experiences with different methods of memory keeping, and you can decide what works for you!

Whatever Floats Your Boat scrapbooking

One of the great things about this method of scrapbooking is that if I am always scrapbooking something that I am inspired by, I tend to really love my pages.

My house and life tend to be very chaotic, so I like to control what I can. I really want my scrapbook pages to be in order. So, I currently have several really thick scrapbooks from years when my kids were babies (and super adorable & willing to be photographed) and really thin scrapbooks from other years. While that may not bother some people, it really bothers me! I’m finding that as I go back to scrapbook photos from 5+ years ago, I can’t remember anything that happened. I am referring to my Facebook page & my husband’s Facebook page and really old blog posts. Which leads me to my latest memory keeping attempts…

Chronological Scrapbooking

I’m going to be the very first person to tell you this is not always “fun” scrapbooking. I hate making decisions about what gets to make it into the scrapbooks and what doesn’t. As a result, I have a really hard time with random photos (Is this really worth scrapbooking?) and major life events (I NEED every photo of my daughter blowing out her birthday candles. She’s only going to turn 3 once!). BUT, this is helping me to feel more organized and like I am actually accomplishing something with my scrapbooking.

A couple of weeks ago, I was at a scrapbook weekend with my sisters-in-law and I decided that instead of just choosing random layouts to scrapbook, I would try to scrapbook all of my photos from 2013.  Why 2013? I glanced through my photos and I remembered most of the stuff that happened, and knew that it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to journal. 2012 – I don’t remember much at all. The night before we left for our scrapbook weekend, I copied all of my 2013 Facebook posts and pasted them into a text document. Yes, I now know you can download your Facebook feed. I sat down with my 2013 scrapbook in front of my computer and determined which photos still needed to be scrapped. I keep my photos organized by year/month/event, and move them into a “scrapped” folder within the month so I can keep track of which photos have been scrapbooked. Since I have primarily been a Whatever Floats Your Boat scrapbooker for the last 11 years, I knew that I was basically just going to be filling in the holes. I grabbed some of Gennifer Bursett’s Pocket Pages templates (retired) and loaded up my hard drive with beautiful kits. If I’m going to be scrapbooking those “hard-to-scrapbook” photos, I need the motivation of beautiful kits. Now, I have 13.3 GB of photos from 2013. 8.8 GB of those photos had NOT been scrapbooked yet. We spent a lot of time scrapbooking, but realistically, I knew that I would not get through the entire year. I managed to scrapbook 30 layouts over three days (we also spent a lot of time shopping, eating & even did a little bit of sleeping). I got through all of January, February and the first half of March. I was pretty proud of myself for that! Since that weekend, I have finished the rest of March, April and am halfway through May. I just put in a HUGE print order with Persnickety Prints during their $1.75 12×12 Flash Sale.  (Like their Facebook page to stay updated on their sales.) I ordered 90 layouts, and 64 of them were from 2013! Since I live exactly 26 miles from their lab, my package should be here tomorrow! I’m really excited to see all of my layouts in print. Are all of the layouts gorgeous, magazine-worthy layouts? No.  Do they tell the story of my family? Yes. Since telling my family’s story is the main priority of my scrapbooking, I’m happy with them.

So, since I am focusing on 2013, does that mean that I am getting further behind with my 2016 photos? Nope. Since I started this method earlier this month, I decided to get my March 2016 photos current. I haven’t really taken photos of much, other than just random photos of every day life. I have been using carpool time & the Project Life for Android app to keep current with my random photos. Once a week, I pull all the random photos from the week into a layout or two, add some journaling and keep things really simple. Simple is good for me right now. The stories are being told, and quite honestly, since I remember why I took the random photos, more of our family’s everyday story is actually being scrapbooked. I’m completely caught up with March, so I downloaded some random February photos to my phone and scrapbooked those during carpool, too. Again, are the pages beautiful? Not always. Do they tell the story of my family? Yes. Mission accomplished.

I’m really excited to be filling in the holes in our family’s story. I’m excited to be excited about scrapbooking again. I tend to get really overwhelmed with huge projects until I sit down and develop a game plan for attacking the project. I feel like this is something that is completely doable for me.

How do you scrapbook? Are you a chronological or whatever floats your boat scrapbooker, or something in between?


One thought on “Chronological vs Whatever Floats Your Boat scrapping

  1. A little of column A, a little of column B!
    I’ve been loving doing Project Life pages for the chronological layouts. And then using the Whatever I’m inspired by (or a kit is screaming at me) to scrap the others. I like it because there are times when I can pull a photo of my then 3 year old and reflect on what he was like then compared to now.

    I need to be better organized at storing my layouts though so I can find the holes. I did just start using Lightroom to color (mark) photos as scrapped. Loving that!

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