Dollar Days: New and Existing Products Only $1 Each!

Hi! Tracy here, and it’s Dollar Days at Pixel & Co and Meredith has both new and existing products for only $1 each!  Her newest offering, Love In The Air, will have you floating on air in love with its beautiful combination of navy, olive and cranberry; AND who doesn’t love hot air balloons!?!?!?  Also new this week is the 1st and 2nd release under the 52 Weeks series of templates – great for both P52 scrappers and anyone looking for double layout templates.

In addition, Meredith has 15 previously released products on sale for $1!  They are Simply Magically and after you shout EEK in surprise at them all, you will be singing Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah and will think the world is Totally Huggable 😉

So hurry over to Dollar Days soon as these low-as-they-go prices won’t last long!  Sale ends January 31, 2015.

_Mere_LoveAir_Prev-ep600-26eb091b4fLove In The Air | Papers_Mere_52WksTemp2_Prev-11c60af6d1_Mere_52WksTemp1-51a417d081_ZIPKit_Preview600-bedaddb41b_THugEP_Preview600-e5f0f0fa40_THugPP_Preview600-c8e2a40d6c_THugGold_Preview600-981f5383b0_Mere_LUWEP_Preview600-94bbb66da9_Mere_LUW4C_Preview600-c039ba2bfe_Mere_LUWJC_Preview600-d20d356da9_SimplyMagicEP_Preview600-f21bd4a323_SimplyMagicSquare_Preview600-f93d605122_SimplyMagicCards_Preview600-9f162eaa8b_SimplyMagicQP_Preview600-7868fccaaf_EekEP_Preview600-d9945beb8f_EekSquare_Preview600-d88a8d1374_EekJC_Preview600-f2a8f25ca6_ToBeeQP_Preview600-dc6260129b

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