January Freezer Meals Round-up 1

We are six days into my Freezer Meals Adventure, let’s see what’s happening so far.

1 – Pinto Beans & Cornbread

I didn’t end up actually making this. Instead, I made Biscuits & Gravy for brunch and then we ended up going out to dinner at Costa Vida and hanging out with family instead.  My husband likes the sausage to have a bit of a kick. So we bought an Original flavor & a Hot flavor. We used half of each for today’s brunch and then froze the other halves for dinner on the 31st.

2 – Homemade Pizza

We didn’t make this either. I don’t remember why… But I do remember that we went to In & Out.  I love their hamburgers. So good.

3 – Dinner out

We were ripping out drywall & installing insulation all day. We didn’t have time for anything.  I don’t remember what we ate that night, so it couldn’t have been too amazing.

4 – Ham, mashed potatoes & green beans

Delicious! Before I added the brown sugar glaze, I cut off a big chunk of the ham to freeze for later in the month. There was enough leftover for several days’ lunches for Thomas, and even a dinner or two for the nights he didn’t want to eat what we were eating.

5 – Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos

We unanimously decided that we aren’t fans of lime in the crockpot.  Everything tastes like lime.  And not just like lime, like a bitter lime.  Next time we make this, we will leave out the lime and add some salsa to add extra flavor.  Either my crockpot cooks at super-sonic heat levels or the cooking times are way off on this recipe.  I put the partially-frozen food in at 9am on Low Heat and it was ready at 1pm. That’s a little early for dinner. So by the time we got around to eating it, it was overcooked and dried out.  Hmmm… maybe we will add a squirt of lime juice to the tacos after they are cooked.  That sounds delicious!

6 – Chicken & Wild Rice Soup

I absolutely loved the flavor of this soup.  However… once again, it cooked way too quickly. I put it in the crockpot at 11 and it was ready by 2.  I am now assuming that the problem is my crockpot.  Nothing will be going in the crockpot until at least noon.  So, when the recipe says that it serves 8-10, it’s not joking.  We could have turned this into two freezer meals, easily.  Also, don’t add extra rice.  It will seem like it’s going to be mostly broth, but once it cooks all day long it will most definitely be enough rice.  I know this because I added an extra half cup of rice and it was more like a casserole than a soup.  I was getting ready to heat up the milk to add to the soup, but it looked really creamy already. I tasted the soup and it was already really rich.  So, I skipped the milk. I can’t even imagine how rich it would have been with heavy cream.  We really didn’t need the chicken for this recipe. It’s so filling as it is that we could have easily had this as one of our meatless recipes.  This would be SO GOOD with bacon & cheese.  I’m going to reheat it tomorrow for lunch with some broccoli pieces.  I’ll be eating this for lunch every day this week. We will definitely make this one again, with some changes for personal preference.

Tomorrow is Slow Cooker Chili… we will see how that one goes. I need to remember to pick up some Frito’s & sour cream tomorrow.

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